Sunday, 2 May 2010

This be the grumpy verse!

Who are these people at my door?
I know I’ve never seen them before.
Disturbing my peace when I want to unwind,
To try to impress me with well-rehearsed lines,
Ready to confirm they’re the best one to choose,
The acts of the others that’ll cause them to lose.
They wander the streets tightly gripping their files,
Trying to blind with the brightest false smiles.
They talk of new wheelie bins and reduced council tax
And speak of all their opponents being totally lax.
Who knows how many trees they’ve killed
To create all the flyers for which we’ll get billed?
Endless letters create more postage cost,
Promising the world before they get lost.
It’s the tip of the iceberg in the national debate,
So we can decide which leader we least hate.
The television and newspapers are filled to the brim
With conflicting opinions on him, him and him,
Studying all aspects of each of their lives,
(As we’re bound to be swayed by the state of their wives)
Creating false stories and digging up dirt,
Promote their campaign while the others’ they hurt,
Trotting out supporters and enemies alike,
Each seeking credit for the greatest sound bite,
Proclaiming they’re what people of the country need,
Hoping their voice is the only one we heed.
Best image and policy are the name of the game,
When, in reality, they’re very much the same.
Sweet words to deceive us as they think we don’t know
We can see it’s a circus and all part of the show.
This excessive fuss is almost more than I can bear;
In the great scheme of things, who the hell cares!